Choosing a frame style

At Direkt Optik Moraira we have the best selection of frames, with over 900 men's and women's styles on display, including designer brands and rimless frames

There are several things to consider when choosing the right frame style

Face shape

Generally the size and shape of your face will make some styles look more flattering than others.

  • Square face: pronounced cheek bones, a wide forehead, and a square jawline best suit round and oval shaped frames. These will soften the hard lines.
  • Round face: do not choose round frames if you have a round face. A contrasting square shape will make your face appear longer and slimmer. It is best to pick a frame that is as wide as the widest part of your face, or slightly wider.
  • Elongated face: if your face is narrow and is the same width at the top as it is at the bottom, you can make it appear shorter by choosing a square or round frame.
  • Oval face: this symmetrical face shape suits most frames. So be adventurous and try something different!




frame material

Most frames are made predominantly from a type of metal or plastic.

Metal based frames almost always have nose pads, which can be adjusted to fit any width of nose bridge. 

Most plastic frames do not have nosepads, and can be more comfortable as the fixed bridge rests over the whole bridge of the nose rather than just on two small nose pads 



frame colour

While choosing a frame colour that matches your skin tone has always been good advice, it is now quite popular to pick bright or contrasting colour frames that make a statement. Often a dark or colourful frame can flatter the wearer and make them seem younger!



Frame size

While thin lenses can make your glasses look nicer and feel lighter, picking the correct frame shape to suit your prescription is equally important. Pick the wrong shape, and despite paying for thin lenses, they still might look thick.


The size of your face is important!

If you're short-sighted (myopia), then a narrow frame width is ideal, as the lenses will be thickest at the outside edge of the lens

If you're long-sighted (hyperopia) then a rounder frame is ideal as the lenses will be thickest at the centre of the lens.